This Multicore Video Infrastructure Demo package provides highly-optimized platform and video software components and enables development of real-time video applications on C66x multicore devices. The Multicore Video Infrastructure Demo gives developers the ability to evaluate performance and accelerates development of applications.

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The Multicore Video Infrastructure Demo package is built on the Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) to enable the abstraction of platform, networking, and inter-core communications code. Its features include:

  • Demonstration Apps
    • Demo 1 shows multi channel high density operation with low resolution. Demo exhibits packet to packet transcoding capability.
    • Demo 2 shows multi-core operation of high resolution codecs. Demo exhibits a packet to packet transcoding scenario.
  • Three Channel Models: Transcoder, Decoder only, & Encoder only
  • Resolutions: QCIF, CIF,D1720p, & 1080p
  • Add-on Video Processing
    • Graphics and text overlay
    • Frame rate conversion
    • Spatial resizing
  • Foundation Units to Enable Packet Streaming
    • Network Encapsulation Unit to process Ethernet, IP, and UDP headers
    • RTP Control Unit to process RTP/RTCP headers
    • Video Protocol Processing Unit to process video protocols
    • Multimedia Container Unit to process container streams
  • Multicore Scenarios
    • Core-core transcoding
    • Multicore encoding/decoding
  • Video Codecs included:
    • H.264 BP Encoder (supporting multicore encoding)
    • MPEG4 Encoder
    • H.263 Encoder
    • H.264 BP-MP Decoder
    • H.264 HP Decoder (supporting multicore decoding)
    • MPEG4 Decoder
    • H.263 Decoder
    • MPEG2 Decoder
  • Multimedia Container Support for MPEG Transport Stream (MPEGTS)



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