Linux EZ ソフトウェア開発キット(EZSDK)、Sitara™ ARM® マイクロプロセッサ用




注:AM387x 用 SDK は準備中です

The Linux EZ Software Development Kit (EZ SDK) provides Sitara™ ARM® Cortex™-A8 and ARM9™ developers an easy set up and quick out-of-box experience that is specific to and highlights the features of TI's ARM microprocessors. Launching demos, benchmarks and applications is a snap with the included graphical user interface. The Sitara Linux EZ SDK also allows developers to quickly start development of their own applications, and easily add them to the application launcher, which can be customized by the developer.


The Sitara Linux EZ SDK features:

  • Open Linux support
  • GUI-based application launcher
  • 3-D graphics support
  • Example application with available source code
The Linux EZ SDK includes the following components:
  • Linux kernel and Bootloaders
  • File system
  • Qt/Webkit application framework
  • Application launcher
  • 3D graphics support
  • Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth® support (AM335x, AM37x, AM18x only)
  • Example applications, including:
    • ARM benchmarks: Dhrystone, Linpack, Whetstone
    • Webkit web browser
    • Soft Wifi access point
    • Cryptography: AES, 3DES, MD5, SHA
    • Multimedia: GStreamer/FFMPEG (Cortex-A8 devices only)
    • Programmable Realtime Unit (PRU) (AM18x, AM17x only)
  • Host tools including Flash Tool and Pin Mux Utility
  • Code Composer Studio™ IDE v5 for Linux development
  • Documentation

The Sitara Linux EZ SDK is free, and does not require any run-time royalties to Texas Instruments.


ソフトウェア開発キット (SDK)

LINUXEZSDKAM1810 リアルタイム Linux ソフトウェア開発キット(SDK)、AM1810 用

バージョン: v4.01
リリース日: 20-Jun-11
Arm ベースのプロセッサ
AM1705 Sitara processor: Arm9, SDRAM, Ethernet AM1707 Sitara processor: Arm9, SDRAM, Ethernet, display AM1802 Sitara processor: Arm9, LPDDR, DDR2, Ethernet AM1806 Sitara processor: Arm9, LPDDR, DDR2, display AM1808 Sitara processor: Arm9, LPDDR, DDR2, display, Ethernet AM1810 Sitara processor: Arm9, LPDDR, DDR2, display, Ethernet, PROFIBUS AM3505 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、ビデオ・フロント・エンド AM3517 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、3D グラフィックス、ビデオ・フロント・エンド AM3703 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、カメラ AM3715 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、3D グラフィックス、カメラ AM3871 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、イーサネット AM3874 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、HDMI、3D グラフィックス AM3892 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、HDMI AM3894 Sitara プロセッサ: Arm Cortex-A8、3D グラフィックス、HDMI


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IDE (統合開発環境)、構成機能、またはデバッガ
CCSTUDIO Code Composer Studio™ 統合開発環境(IDE)
FLASHTOOL FlashTool、AM35x、AM37x、DM37x、および OMAP35x デバイス用


PINMUXTOOL ピン・マルチプレクサ・ユーティリティ、ARM MPU プロセッサ(AM389x、AM35x、AM/DM37x、C6A816x、DM816x、OMAP35x)用


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