CC430 Sub-GHz RF 実験用ボード





Important Note:

The CC430 Sub-GHz RF Experiment’s Board is not supported by the Mac or Linux versions of the Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment. If you want to work with these operating systems, we suggest you select one of the many MSP LaunchPads.  


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Note: If you experience connectivity issues with the out-of-box user experience demo, please download the software and re-program your boards with the updated user experience firmware.

The MSP-EXPCC430RFx Experimenter Kit is a complete sub-GHz development platform for the CC430 devices from the MSP430™ family of ultra-low-power microcontrollers. The kit provides two sub-GHz wireless modules: the MSP-EXP430F6137Rx Base Board with the CC430F6137, and the MSP-EXP430F5137Rx Satellite Board with the CC430F5137.

Out of the box, the two modules enable demonstration of a SimpliciTI™ wireless sensor network and take full advantage of a highly-integrated LCD and PC connection. Additionally, the kit also enables a complete development and prototyping environment to design a wireless application. The kit features an on-board emulator for programming and debugging, which enables developers to create new applications on both the Base Board and Satellite Board.


  • Kit includes 2 CC430-based development modules to enable a complete RF network
    • CC430F6137-based Base Board (MSP-EXP430F6137Rx)
    • CC430F5137-based Satellite Board (MSP-EXP430F5137Rx)
  • The MSP-EXP430F6137Rx Base Board features
    • An on-board emulator for programming and debugging either target on the Base Board or Satellite Board
    • 96-segment character LCD Display that is driven by the internal LCD driver of the CC430F6137 MCU
    • User buttons & LEDs
    • Antenna
    • Several power options:
      • USB
      • AA Batteries
      • Socket
    • Light sensor
    • Dock connector for the Satellite Board
  • The MSP-EXP430F5137Rx Satellite Board features:
    • Several power options
      • AA Batteries
      • Power from Base Board through the Dock connector
    • Antenna
    • User LED & button
    • Access to various pins of the CC430F5137 MCU
  • The CC430 devices feature an ultralow-power 16-bit microcontroller with an integrated radio core, an optional 96-segment LCD controller, 12-bit ADC, comparator, universal serial interface (supports UART, SPI and I2C), 32KB flash memory, and 4KB RAM memory.

  • CC430F6137-based Base Board
  • CC430F5137-based Satellite Board

MSP430 マイコン
CC430F6137 32KB フラッシュ、4KB SRAM、Sub-1GHz 無線、AES-128、12 ビット ADC、I2C/SPI/UART、96 セグメント LCD 搭載、20MHz マイコン (MCU)


Sub-1GHz 製品
CC430F5137 12 ビット ADC、32kB フラッシュ、4kB RAM 搭載、16 ビット、超低消費電力 CC430 Sub-1GHz ワイヤレス・マイコン (MCU)



CC430F513x Code Examples (Rev. H) – SLAC458H.ZIP (177KB)


MSP-EXPCC430RFx Design Files – SLAC553.ZIP (826KB)


MSP-EXPCC430RF9 – CC430 Sub-GHz RF 実験用ボード、868 および 915MHz 用

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