Software Development Kit for DRA8x & TDA4x Jacinto Automotive Processors
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Automotive QNX SDK for DRA8x & TDA4x Jacinto™ Processors


ACTIVE V07.00.00.05   19-Jun-2020   QNX    

DRA8x および TDA4x Jacinto™ プロセッサ向け車載用 Linux SDK


ACTIVE V07.00.00.04   19-Jun-2020   Linux   v5.04  

DRA8x および TDA4x Jacinto™ プロセッサ向け車載用 RTOS SDK


ACTIVE V07.00.00.11   19-Jun-2020   TI RTOS    


Processor SDK RTOS Automotive (PSDKRA) and Processor SDK Linux Automotive (PSDKLA) together form a multi-processor software development platform for TDA4x and DRA8x SoCs within the TI’s Jacinto™ automotive platform. The SDK provides a comprehensive set of software tools and components to help users develop and deploy their applications on supported J7 SoCs. Both PSDKLA and PSDKRA can be used together to implement various automotive use-cases in ADAS and Gateway end-equipments.



  • R5F SPL: eMMC boot, HS400 mode support
  • A72 U-boot: USB Mass Storage Class, Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) , Universal Flash Storage (UFS), eMMC boot
  • Kernel Connectivity drivers: CPSW9G Ethernet Virtual driver, USB gadget, dual role support, SD card Ultra-High Speed (UHS) mode, PCIe backplane, eMMC HS400 mode, UFS storage.
  • Crypto acceleration support for AES, 3-DES, and Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • Graphics: GPU virtualization, YUV texture format, profiling tools (PVRTune and PVRTrace)
  • Multimedia Decoder: multi-channel support, MPEG, JPEG, error recovery and Gstreamer plugin support for Wayland sink
  • Multimedia Encoder: 264 encoder NV12, 8 bit content,  multi- channel encoding
  • Audio: Multi-codec support with separate serializer per codec
  • Demos: Static system partitioning with jailhouse hypervisor, GPU and display sharing.


  • RTOS device drivers running on all on R5F, C6x, C7x, A72; AUTOSAR MCAL driver and demo applications running on R5F
  • TIDL deep learning inference engine library running on C7x/MMA; MMALIB for accelerating convolution and deconvolution layers on MMA
  • OpenVX v1.1 compliant implementation with graph pipelining and user data object extension support
  • Imaging sensor driver support with IQ tuning
  • Ethernet switch firmware running on R5F for CPSW9G
  • Image pre-processing for Autonomous Driving Algorithms
  • Single and multi-channel H264 decoder
  • TI-RTOS kernel, a light-weight real-time embedded operating system for TI devices for R5F, C6x, C7x, A72 and Network developer kit (NDK)
  • TI Code Generation Tools (CGT) for R5F, C6x, C7x
  • OpenVX based demos for ADAS, Vision, deep learning applications and gateway demos


TI デバイス (2)

型番 名前 製品ファミリ
DRA829V  Gateway & vehicle compute application processor  オートモーティブ・プロセッサ 
TDA4VM  Next generation SoC family for L2/L3, near-field analytic systems using deep learning technologies  オートモーティブ・プロセッサ 


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