The TI Embedded Processor Software Toolkit for Medical Imaging (STK-MED) is a collection of several standard ultrasound algorithms optimized for TI’s C64x+™ architecture. The algorithms showcase how medical imaging functions can leverage the C64x+ architecture for efficient performance and power consumption. The goal of the STK-MED is to shorten customer development time of medical imaging systems by providing optimized implementations of commonly used processing blocks. The source code contained in the STK-MED can easily be extended or modified to develop customized and differentiated modules.

The STK-MED contains optimized C64x+ DSP software for processing blocks commonly found in a medical imaging system. The STK-MED contains a detailed algorithm description, API documentation, benchmarks and test bench for each software module.

The software and test benches can either be run on a CCS device simulator or on a target device. (The C6455 DSK for Medical Imaging is a recommended platform for developing with the STK-MED.)

The STK-MED includes the following modules:

  • Optimized kernel implementations for B-Mode processing
  • Optimized kernel implementations for Doppler Processing functions for 1D Color Flow, 2D Color Flow, Wall Filter and Power Estimator
  • Optimized kernel implementations of RF demodulation and decimation
  • Optimized kernel implementations of Delay And Sum (DAS) receive beamforming
  • Optimized system implementation of Scan Conversion on C64x+ DSP cores of the DM6437, C6455, DM6446 and OMAP3530 SoC
  • Optimized math utilities
  • 3-D rendering
  • Real-time image processing for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

These modules are offered in source code. The table below summarizes the deliverable form of each software module.
B-Mode Source
Wall Filter Source
Delay and Sum (DAS) receive beamforming Source
Scan Conversion Source
1D Color Flow Source
2D Color Flow Source
Power Estimator Source
3D Rendering Source
RF demodulation and decimation Source
OCT: Optimized FFT Source
OCT: Cubic Spline Source
Optimized math utilities Source

Math Utilities for STK-MED

The STK-MED includes several optimal precision and low complexity implementations of utility math functions used within the functional modules. The math utilities include test benches and profiling. The functions provided include:
  • Four quadrant inverse tangent function
  • Complex magnitude function
  • Division function



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