StarterWare for ARM® based TI processors
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Important Note

TI has completed development of StarterWare for Sitara. TI no longer plans to make updates to this software for bug fixes or future enhancements.

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型番 TI またはサードパーティからご購入 アラートを受け取る 供給状況 現在のバージョン   更新日   説明  

AM18x プロセッサ向け StarterWare


ACTIVE v1.00.00.00   27 OCT 2011   C-based library APIs and examples for peripheral and IO configuration with or without an operating system  

AM335x プロセッサ向け StarterWare


ACTIVE v2.00.01.01   12 Jul 2013   C-based library APIs and examples for peripheral and IO configuration with or without an operating system  


StarterWare provides C-based no-OS platform support for TI's ARM9™ and ARM® Cortex™ A8 based devices. StarterWare provides device abstraction layer libraries, peripheral programming examples such as Ethernet, graphics and USB, and board level example applications. StarterWare can be used stand-alone or with an RTOS (with appropriate changes to work in RTOS environment).

  • Peripheral programming interface
  • Example applications for each peripheral to demonstrate programming and usage of the peripheral
  • Software portability across devices for a given peripheral
  • Tool-chain agnostic C code (Some startup code will be in assembly and hence some part of the code will be tool dependent)
  • Support for Windows(R) host and Linux host
  • Support for the following tool chains:
    • Open source code generation tools (gcc) for ARM
    • TI code generation tools (TMS470)
    • IAR tool chain for ARM
  • Graphics library and USB stack ported with example applications
  • Doxygen based application programming interface (API) reference guide available with delivery package


  • lwIP, a free, BSD-style license, TCP/IP stack from Swedish Institute of Computer Science
  • out2rprc tool to create bootable application images
  • Application examples showing the usage of device abstraction layer (DAL) and demonstrating the capability of the peripherals
  • Pnmtoc tool to convert PNM image to C array
  • API reference guide, release notes and user guide
  • Wiki based user guide that provides a detailed list of instructions and helpful programming tips
  • Registry file for Code Composer Studio(tm) (CCS) (.gel)
  • bmp2c tool to convert BMP image to C array
  • Device abstraction layer for most of the peripherals
  • Boot loader and flashing utility
  • AISgen tool to convert .out to .ais
  • Out of box demo that boots from flash/mmcsd and demonstrates various peripherals

ソフトウェア開発 (1)

名前 型番 ソフトウェア・タイプ
Code Composer Studio IDE  CCSTUDIO  IDE (統合開発環境)、構成機能、コンパイラ、デバッガ 

ハードウェア開発 (1)

名前 型番 ツール・タイプ
AM335x スタータ・キット  TMDSSK3358  評価基板 

TI デバイス (3)

型番 名前 製品ファミリ
AM1802  Sitara プロセッサ: Arm9、LPDDR、DDR2、イーサネット  Sitara プロセッサ 
AM1806  Sitara プロセッサ: Arm9、LPDDR、DDR2、ディスプレイ  Sitara プロセッサ 
AM1808  Sitara プロセッサ: Arm9、LPDDR、DDR2、ディスプレイ、イーサネット  Sitara プロセッサ 


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