OMAP-L137/TMS320C6747 浮動小数点スタータ・キット




The OMAP-L137/TMS320C6747 Floating-Point Starter Kit, developed jointly with Spectrum Digital Inc., is a low-cost development platform designed to speed the development of high-precision applications based on TI's OMAP-L13x applications processors and TMS320C674x fixed/floating-point DSPs (TMS320C6747, TMS320C6745 and TMS320C6743). The kit uses USB communications for true plug-and-play functionality. Both experienced and novice designers can get started immediately with innovative product designs by utilizing the starter kit’s full-featured Code Composer StudioTM integrated development environment (IDE) and eXpressDSPTM software which includes the DSP/BIOS™ kernel. This kit also includes a demo version of MontaVista Linux Pro 5.0 tool chain.

The contents of the starter kit (SK) include:
  • OMAP-L137/TMS320C6747 EVM with 4MB Serial Flash and 64MB SDRAM
  • Code Composer StudioTM IDE (limited to use on the starter kit)
  • Demo version of MontaVista Pro 5.0 tools (to be used with the subsequent releases of this kit)
  • USB cable
  • Universal power supply
  • AC power cords
  • Readme First Document

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Hardware - The Starter Kit (SK) features the OMAP-L137 applications processor that includes both a 300 MHz fixed/floating-point C674x DSP core and a 300 MHz ARM9 processor. This C674x DSP generation is designed for applications that require floating-point precision and fixed-point performance for energy-efficient, connected applications, such as audio, medical and industrial. It is the development platform for both the OMAP-L137 as well as the C6747, C6745 and C6743 fixed/floating-point DSPs. Other hardware features of the SK include the following:
  • Embedded JTAG support via USB
  • High-quality 24-bit stereo codec
  • Four 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone, line in, speaker and line out
  • 4MB Serial Flash and 64MB SDRAM
  • Expansion port connector for plug-in modules
  • On-board standard IEEE JTAG interface
  • +5V universal power supply

Software - Designers can readily target both the OMAP-L137 applications processor, C6747, C6745 and C6743 DSPs through TI´s robust and comprehensive Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment, DSP Link for interprocessor communication, MontaVista Linux Pro 5.0 Tool chain, DSP/BIOS RTOS and DSP/BIOS-based and ARM-Linux-based device drivers as well as the Linux Kernel/Bootloader. The tools, which run on Windows© 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, allow developers to seamlessly manage projects of any complexity.

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Arm ベースのプロセッサ
OMAP-L137 低消費電力 C674x 浮動小数点 DSP + Arm9 プロセッサ - 最大 456MHz


DSP (デジタル・シグナル・プロセッサ)
TMS320C6743 低消費電力 C674x 浮動小数点 DSP - 375MHz TMS320C6745 低消費電力 C674x 浮動小数点 DSP - 456MHz、QFP 封止 TMS320C6747 低消費電力 C674x 浮動小数点 DSP - 456MHz、PBGA 封止



TMDSOSKL137 – OMAP-L137/TMS320C6747 浮動小数点スタータ・キット

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証明書 TMDSOSKL137 EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
その他の資料 Getting Started Guide for OMAP-L137 Wiki -- In-depth technical and "how-to" articles, FAQs, etc. 2011年 3月 24日



ソフトウェア開発キット (SDK)
LINUXSDK-OMAPL137 Linux ソフトウェア開発キット(SDK)、OMAP-L137/C6747 プロセッサ用 PROCESSOR-SDK-OMAPL137 TI-RTOS サポート付き OMAPL137 プロセッサ向けプロセッサ SDK
IDE (統合開発環境)、構成機能、またはデバッガ
CCSTUDIO Code Composer Studio™ 統合開発環境(IDE)


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