TPA6404-Q1 50W、2MHz アナログ入力 4 チャネル、車載 Class-D オーディオ・アンプの評価モジュール




The TPA6404Q1EVM evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates the TPA6404-Q1 integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. The TPA6404-Q1 device is a four-channel analog-input Class-D audio amplifier that implements a 2.1 MHz PWM switching frequency that enables a cost optimized solution in a very small PCB size, full operation down to 4.5 V for start/stop events, and exceptional sound quality with up to 40 kHz audio Bandwidth.

This TPA6404Q1EVM supports 4 BTL output channels, 4 differential inputs, as well as an on-board USB-I2C controller for GUI driven evaluation and diagnostics. TPA6404Q1EVM is a complete automotive Class-D analog input amplifier ready for evaluation and excellent listening experience. The TPA6404Q1EVM design’s CISPR25-L5 compliant EMC performance simplifies system design, lowers development cost and accelerates time-to-market delivery. The TPA6404Q1EVM provides four channels at 27 W into 4 Ω at 10% THD+N and 45 W into 2 Ω at 10% THD+N from a 14.4 V supply and 40 W into 4 Ω at 10% THD+N from an 18 V supply and 50 W into 2 Ω at 10% THD+N from an 16 V supply. The Class-D topology dramatically improves efficiency over traditional Class-AB amplifier solutions. The output switching frequency operates above the AM band which eliminates the AM-band interference and reduces output filter size and cost.

  • 4.5 V to 18 V input supply voltage support
  • Simple PPC3 GUI driven interface to support evaluation and diagnostics
  • Intelligent load diagnostics, including advanced AC diagnostic for Tweeter detection with impedance and phase response
  • 4 BTL output channels and 4 differential inputs 
  • Double-sided, plated-through, Cu 4 layer PCB layout
TPA6404-Q1 車載、ロード・ダンプ対応機能搭載、45W、2MHz、4 チャネル、4.5 ~ 18V の電源電圧、アナログ入力 Class-D オーディオ・アンプ


LM1086 1.5A、29V、リニア電圧レギュレータ


TPS62085 DCS-Control と Hiccup 短絡保護機能搭載、2x2 HotRod パッケージ封止、3A 降圧コンバータ
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TPA6404Q1EVM – TPA6404Q1 50W、2MHz アナログ入力 4 チャネル車載 Class-D オーディオ・アンプの評価モジュール

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