WaveVision 5 データ・キャプチャ・ボード・バージョン 5.1




WaveVision is Texas Instruments' evaluation system designed specifically for lab evaluation of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog signal-paths. It consists of two main components: the data capture hardware (the board) and the graphical user interface and control software. Both the board and the software have evolved through a few major generations. WaveVision5 Data Capture Board is the latest generation of said boards and is designed to offer the customer the ability work with the highest speed signal path ICs from National Semiconductor. It is not intended to replace the WaveVision4 capture board as the WaveVision4's performance is quite sufficient in many cases.

The WaveVision5 capture board will work with the current generation WaveVision4 software as well as the next generation of software currently in development. In this Users' Guide the operation with WaveVision4 software is described.

A third element that constitutes a complete evaluation setup is the device or signal-path evaluation board that plugs into the WaveVision5 capture board. This board is generically refered to as the "DUT board". Each ADC or signal-path evaluation board comes with its own User’s Guide, which documents its specific features.

This User’s Guide primarily describes the base version of the WaveVision5 Data Capture Board and its use. However, reference is made to the extended (EXT) version where it differs from the base version. The EXT version differs from the base version only in that it offers 8MBytes of additional buffer for imaging applications. Generically, the system is referred to as “WaveVision5”, regardless of the version. Accordingly, wherever “WaveVision5” is mentioned, it means both base and EXT, unless otherwise stated or implied.

  • Transfers data rapidly at high-speed with USB 2.0 (USB1.1 compatible).
  • Provides jumperless, plug-and-play configuration.
  • Supports a wide variety of ADC Evaluation Boards through two separate connectors; one of which allows connection with many WaveVision4 board compatible evaluation boards.
  • Fast data capture:
    Through the FB (FutureBus) coonector (compatible with the WaveVision4 board):
    • 36 parallel CMOS signals at up to 200 Mbps/signal (in DDR mode); or
    • 28 parallel LVDS pairs at up to 600 Mbps/signal (in DDR mode)
    Through the new HMZd connector:
    • 12 differential serial pairs at up to 900 Mbps/signal (in DDR mode)
  • High-speed auxiliary data connector allows alternate connection with logic analyzers.
  • Base version capable of storing 64k, 16-bit wide samples from 1 or 2 DUT board channels.
  • Extended version capable of storing up to 8MBytes of data for imaging type applications.
  • DUT control through SPI interface.



WAVEVSN BRD 5.1/NOPB – WaveVision 5 Data Capture Board Version 5.1

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WAVEVSN-BRD-5.1 Design Files SNAR016.ZIP (5656 KB)


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その他の技術資料 WAVEVSN-BRD-5.1/NO EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
その他の技術資料 WAVEVSN BRD 5.1/NOPB EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日



ADC10D1500RBADC10D1500 は、低消費電力、10 ビット、2回路 1.5Gsps または、1回路 3.0Gsps AD コンバータ・リファレンス・ボードです
ADC12D1600RB12 ビット、2回路 1.6/1.8Gsps または1回路 3.2/3.6Gsps AD コンバータ・リファレンス・ボード
ADC12D1600RFRB12 ビット、2回路 1.6GSPS または 1回路 3.2GSPS AD コンバータ・リファレンス・ボード
ADC12D1800RFRB12 ビット、2回路1.8Gsps または、1回路 3.6Gsps A/D コンバータ・リファレンス・ボード
ADC12D800RFRB12 ビット、2 回路 800Msps または 1 回路 1.6Gsps AD コンバータ・リファレンス・ボード
ADC14155HCVAL14 ビット、155Msps AD コンバータ
ADC14155LCVAL14 ビット、155MSPS AD コンバータ
ADC16V130EBADC16V130 評価ボード 16 ビット、130Msps AD コンバータ、LVDS 出力評価ボード付


WAVEVISION5Data Acquisition and Analysis Software


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