bq76200 ハイサイド N チャネル FET ドライバ - BQ76200

BQ76200 (供給中)

bq76200 ハイサイド N チャネル FET ドライバ



The bq76200 device is a low-power, high-side, N-Channel system. A high-side protection avoids ground disconnection in the system and also allows continuous communication between the battery pack and host system. The device has additional P-Channel FET control to allow low-current pre-charge to a deeply depleted battery, and a PACK+ voltage monitor control for the host to sense the PACK+ voltage.

The independent enable inputs allow CHG and DSG FETs to be turned on and off separately, offering great implementation flexibility in battery systems.

The bq76200 device can be used with a companion Analog Front End device such as the bq76920/30/40 family, a 3-series to 15-series Cell Analog Front End Monitoring, and a host microcontroller or dedicated state-of-charge (SOC) tracking gas gauge device.


  • CHG and DSG High-Side NMOS FET Drivers for
    Battery Protection Fast FET Turn-On and Turn-Off
  • Pre-Charge PFET Driver (for Current-Limited Pre-
    charge of Significantly Depleted Cell-pack)
  • Independent Digital Enable Control for Charging
    and Discharging
  • Minimal External Components Needed
  • Scalable External Capacitor-Based Charge Pump
    to Accommodate a Different Range of FETs in
  • High-Voltage Tolerant (100-V Absolute Maximum)
  • Internal Switch to Enable Pack-Voltage Sensing
  • Common and Separate Charge and Discharge
    Path Configuration Support
  • Designed to Work Directly With bq76940,
    bq76930, and bq76920 Battery Monitors
  • Current Consumption:
    • NORMAL Mode: 40 µA
    • SHUTDOWN: < 10 µA Maximum


機能一覧 他の製品と比較 バッテリー・モニタ、保護および認証ソリューション

Communication Interface
Special Features
Typical Operating Current (Typ) (uA)
Vin (Max) (V)
Peripheral (Charge/Discharge Driver & Active Cell Balancing)   
No Communication   
High-Side NCH CHG/DSG FET Drive