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3回路、1/2-H ブリッジ・ドライバ IC

3回路、1/2-H ブリッジ・ドライバ IC - DRV8313


The DRV8313 provides three individually controllable half-H-bridge drivers. The device is intended to drive a three-phase brushless-DC motor, although it can also be used to drive solenoids or other loads. Each output driver channel consists of N-channel power MOSFETs configured in a 1/2-H-bridge configuration. Each 1/2-H-bridge driver has a dedicated ground terminal, which allows independent external current sensing.

An uncommitted comparator is integrated into the DRV8313, which allows for the construction of current-limit circuitry or other functions.

Internal protection functions are provided for undervoltage, charge pump faults, overcurrent, short circuits, and overtemperature. Fault conditions are indicated by the nFAULT pin.

For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the data sheet.


  • Triple 1/2-H Bridge Driver IC
    • 3-Phase brushless DC Motors
    • Solenoid and Brushed DC Motors
  • High Current-Drive Capability: 2.5-A Peak
  • Low MOSFET ON-Resistance
  • Independent 1/2-H-Bridge Control
  • Uncommitted Comparator Can Be Used for Current Limit or Other Functions
  • Built-In 3.3-V 10-mA LDO Regulator
  • 8-V to 60-V Operating Supply-Voltage Range
  • Sleep Mode for Standby Operation
  • Small Package and Footprint
    • 28-Pin HTSSOP (PowerPAD Package)
    • 36-Pin VQFN

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DRV8313 ご注文 Catalog     External Control     Integrated FET     480     3     8     65     3xPWM     -40 to 125     Integrated FETs     HTSSOP | 28
VQFN | 36    
1.52 | 1ku    
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