TMP235-Q1 車載グレード、高精度アナログ出力温度センサ |

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The TMP23x-Q1 devices are a family of automotive grade precision CMOS integrated-circuit linear analog temperature sensors with an output voltage proportional to temperature, serving various automotive applications from powertrain to infotainment. These temperature sensors have a typical accuracy from 0°C to +70°C of ±0.5°C. The TMP235-Q1 device provides a positive slope output of 10 mV/°C over the full –40°C to +150°C temperature range and a supply range from 2.3 V to 5.5 V. The higher gain TMP236-Q1 sensor provides a positive slope output of 19.5 mV/°C from –10°C to +125°C and a supply range from 3.1 V to 5.5 V.

The 9-µA typical quiescent current and 800-µs typical power-on time enable effective power-cycling architectures to minimize power consumption for battery-powered devices. A class-AB output driver provides a strong 500-µA maximum output to drive capacitive loads up to 1000 pF and is designed to directly interface to analog-to-digital converter sample and hold inputs. With excellent accuracy and a strong linear output driver, the TMP23x-Q1 analog output temperature sensors are cost-effective alternatives to passive thermistors.


  • AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications
    • TMP235-Q1 grade 0: –40°C to +150°C
    • TMP236-Q1 grade 1: –40°C to +125°C
  • Tight accuracy across a wide temperature range:
    • ±2.5°C (maximum): –40°C to +150°C (TMP235-Q1)
    • ±2.5°C (maximum): –10°C to +125°C (TMP236-Q1)
  • Positive slope sensor gain, offset (typical):
    • 10 mV/°C, 500 mV at 0°C (TMP235-Q1)
    • 19.5 mV/°C, 400 mV at 0°C (TMP236-Q1)
  • Wide operating supply voltage range:
    • 2.3 V to 5.5 V (TMP235-Q1)
    • 3.1 V to 5.5 V (TMP236-Q1)
  • Short-circuit protected output
  • Low power: 9 µA (typical)
  • Strong output for driving loads up to 1000 pF
  • Available package options:
    • 5-pin SC70 (DCK) surface mount
    • 3-pin SOT-23 (DBZ) surface mount
    • Footprint compatible with industry-standard LMT8x-Q1, LM50-Q1, and LM20 temperature sensors
  • Cost-effective alternative to thermistors

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他の製品と比較 アナログ温度センサ メール Excelへダウンロード
Part number オーダー・オプション Local sensor accuracy (Max) (+/- C) Operating temperature range (C) Supply voltage (Min) (V) Supply voltage (Max) (V) Supply current (Max) (uA) Sensor gain (mV/Deg C) Rating Features Interface
TMP235-Q1 ご注文 1.5     -40 to 125
-40 to 150    
2.3     5.5     12     10     Automotive     Industry standard pinout     Analog output    
LM20 ご注文 1.5     -40 to 125
-55 to 130    
2.4     5.5     7     -11.7     Catalog     Industry standard pinout
UL Recognized    
Analog Output    
LM60-Q1 ご注文 2     -40 to 125     2.7     10     110     6.25     Automotive       Analog Output    
LMT87-Q1 ご注文 2.7     -50 to 150     2.7     5.5     8.1     -13.6     Automotive     Industry standard pinout     Analog Output    
TMP236-Q1 サンプルは利用できません。 Analog output     -40 to 125     12     2.3         Automotive     Industry standard pinout     Analog output    
TMP61-Q1 ご注文 4     -40 to 125
-40 to 150    
0     5.5     400     6400 ppm/°C     Automotive       Resistance