TPS25910 3~18V、大電流ロード・スイッチ、プログラマブルな突入電流スルーレート付 |

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3~18V、大電流ロード・スイッチ、プログラマブルな突入電流スルーレート付 - TPS25910


The TPS25910 device provides highly integrated hot-swap power management and superior protection in applications up to 20 V. The maximum UV turn-on threshold of 2.9 V makes the TPS25910 device well suited to standard bus voltages as low as 3.3 V. This device is intended for systems where a voltage bus must be protected from undesired permanent and transient overload.

At start-up or when hot plugging into the system bus, the TPS25910 device limits the inrush current by controlling the ramp rate of the output voltage, VOUT. The slew rate of VOUT can be adjusted with a capacitor between the GATE pin and the GND pin.

Built in SOA protection ensures that the internal MOSFET operates inside a safe operating area (SOA) under the harshest operating conditions. In addition, the current-limit threshold, which is independent of the power limit, can be adjusted with a resistor between the ILIM pin and the GND pin.

The TPS25910 device provides a fault indicator output when in thermal fault.

The TPS25910 device is available in a 16-pin QFN package.


  • Up to 20-V Bus Operation
  • Integrated 30-mΩ Pass MOSFET
  • Programmable Current Limit from:
    0.83 A to 6.5 A
  • Programmable Inrush Current Slew Rate
  • Thermal Shutdown and fault alert
  • 4-mm x 4-mm QFN16
  • –40°C to 125°C Junction
    Temperature Range
  • UL2367 Recognized - File Number E169910
  • CB Certified


他の製品と比較 ホットスワップ・コントローラと 電子ヒューズ(eFuse) メール Excelへダウンロード
Part number オーダー・オプション FET Vin (Min) (V) Vin (Max) (V) Vabsmax_cont (V) Current limit (Min) (A) Current limit (Max) (A) Overcurrent response Current limit type UL recognition Fault response Current limit function enabled Ron (Typ) (mOhm) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TPS25910 ご注文 Internal     2.9     20     22     0.8     6.5     Current Limiting     Adjustable     Yes     Auto Retry     Always     30     Catalog     -40 to 125     QFN | 16     16QFN: 16 mm2: 4 x 4 (QFN | 16)    
TPS24750 ご注文 Internal     2.5     18     30     0.01     12     Current Limiting     Adjustable     No     Latch Off     Startup Only     3     Catalog     -40 to 85     VQFN | 36     36VQFN: 25 mm2: 7 x 3.5 (VQFN | 36)    
TPS24751 ご注文 Internal     2.5     18     30     0.01     12     Current Limiting     Adjustable     No     Auto Retry     Startup Only     3     Catalog     -40 to 85     VQFN | 36     36VQFN: 25 mm2: 7 x 3.5 (VQFN | 36)    
TPS2595 ご注文 Internal     2.7
18     20     0.5     4     Current Limiting     Adjustable     Yes
Auto Retry
Latch Off    
Always     34     Catalog     -40 to 125     WSON | 8     8WSON: 4 mm2: 2 x 2 (WSON | 8)    
TPS25982 ご注文 Internal     2.7     24     30     2     15     Current Limiting or Circuit Breaker     Adjustable     UL 2367 (Pending)     Auto Retry
Latch Off    
Always     2.7