LLC resonant controller with ultra-low standby power and high voltage startup




Topology Half-Bridge, Resonant LLC Control method Current VCC (Min) (V) 13 VCC (Max) (V) 30 Duty cycle (Max) (%) 50 Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 125 Gate drive (Typ) (A) 0.6 Features HV Start-up, Integrated Gate Drivers, Light Load Efficiency, Low Power, Programmable Soft Start, Thermal Shutdown, Zero Voltage Switching Rating Catalog open-in-new その他の PWM コントローラ


SOIC (DDB) 14 59 mm² 9.9 x 6 open-in-new その他の PWM コントローラ


  • Optimized low power mode and burst mode algorithm
    • Burst mode with Soft-ON and Soft-OFF periods
    • Minimized audible noise at no load and standby
    • User option to disable burst mode
    • Opto-coupler low power operation
    • Efficiency performance exceeds DoE Level VI and EU CoC Tier-2 External Power Supply Standards
  • Hybrid hysteretic control (HHC)
    • Best-in-class transient response
    • Fast exit from burst mode
  • Robust adaptive dead-time control
  • Integrated high-voltage gate driver with 0.6 A source and 1.2 A sink capability
  • Robust capacitive region (ZCS) avoidance scheme
  • Over temperature, output over voltage, input
    under voltage protection, three levels
    of over current protection
  • Integrated high voltage startup function
  • Active X-capacitor discharge function

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The UCC25640x is a fully featured LLC controller with integrated high-voltage gate driver. It has been designed to pair with a PFC controller to provide a complete power system using a minimum of external components. The resulting power system is designed to meet the most stringent requirements for standby power without the need for a separate standby power converter.

UCC25640x provides a highly efficient burst mode with soft-on and soft-off periods to minimize audible noise at standby operation. The burst power level and hysteresis are programmable, simplifying the optimization of efficiency and burst mode operation. Burst mode can also be disabled through pin configuration. UCC25640x uses hybrid hysteretic control to provide best in class line and load transient response.

UCC25640x includes a range of features designed to make LLC converter operation well controlled and protected. It can be used with UCC28056 or UCC28064A PFC controllers, along with UCC24624 synchronous rectifier controller to offer a complete power supply solution.

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UCC25640EVM-020 is a 180W, LLC resonant converter using UCC256404. This EVM accepts DC input from 360V to 410V, AC input voltage from 85VAC to 264VAC and outputs 12VDC with 180W full load output power.
  • Optimized burst mode function for low audible noise and low standby power
  • Integrated high voltage startup and integrated gate drivers reducing total BOM count
  • Robust protection features including overvoltage, overcurrent and zero current switching detection
  • X capacitor discharge function


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SLUC675B.ZIP (212 KB)

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SOIC (DDB) 14 オプションの表示



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